Company group Randex is the international import – export companies established in 2013 mainly for dealing with industrial supplying to the chemical markets of European Union, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, Pakistan.

The companies mainly deals with three business directions like: solvents (MDEA, aMDEA, DEA, ACT-1), catalysts (syn-gas catalysts) and industrial equipment  supplying. We are professional in these fields and focus on them to gain good results.

Among the staff of the companies are various technical specialists who can provide highly experienced technical consulting, engineering and industrial service. All major chemical enterprises and plants are among our main and highly evaluated partners and customers.

For many years we have been cooperating with various chemical and technological institutes and organisations for bringing new technologies and high-end level of service to our customers and partners.

We proud with our technological achievements that have been reached so far. We can indicate a few as an example of our work and dedication to the service, like bringing Lo-Heat Technology with our long-term and respectable partner UOP, developing new fields of implementation for BASF synthetic gas catalysts, premium grade bleaching earth implementation to the edible oil production industry of Russia, Belarus and some other countries of Middle East.

Also we offer supplies and engineering solutions for the following types of equipment:

* hydrogen and gas separation units (cryogenic, membrane and PSA) for gas drying and purification;

* compressor units for various gases pressurization processes with the application of piston , centrifugal and liquid-ring compressors, air-blowers;

* pumps for various industrial medias (including aggressive ones);

* columns, reactors, pipe and plate heat-exchangers, utilization boilers for non-aggressive and aggressive medias;

* pipes, including centrifugal («SCHMIDT+CLEMENS GmbH», Germany), pipe packages, armature and drives;

* burners and automatic systems for burning process control;

* regular and non-regular column packages for heat and mass exchange processes;

* heat insulating materials of wide spectrum of application.

Also the engineering solutions with further implementation:

* reforming furnace reconstruction;

* burning systems energy efficiency improving.

The companies deals with many freight forwarding companies and agents worldwide, all major sea-ports and customs authorities of Eurasia, Americas, Europe and South-East Asia. Dealing with logistics aspect of the business we choose only the best ones in the industry to cooperate with, like Hamburg Sud, Hapag Lloyd, MSC, Maersk and others who can provide best shipping & delivery service in our highly time sensitive business.

We are always open and ready to professional cooperation based on international trade & legal norms.

In case you are interested in more detailed info & data on our company, we would be glad to provide it to you against your request. Please, do not hesitate to do that in case of some extra necessity.